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Need for Financial Inclusion



Finacial Inclusion


It is delivery of financial services at the affordable cost to vast sactions of disadvanteged and low income groups.

Need for Financial Inclsuion







People in the far-flung areas are completely ignorant of the banking & financial products like Saving Accounts, Insurance, General Purpose Credit Cards, Cash NEFT etc. These financially excluded people depend on the treditional money lenders for their day to day needs and borrowings at high rates finally pushed them in a debt trap.


Aim of the 'Financial Inclusion' is to include such excluded groups of society in the banking network, to meet their requirements and to uplift their living standards.





Reasons for Exclsuion



- Remote / far-flung area, far away from bank branch

- Very Low Income / Low assets

- Illitercay / lack of awareness

- ease of availability of informal credit





Benefits of Inclsuion




- Easy access to Banking Services at affordable cost

- Variety of financial products as per need

- Inculcate habit of saving

- Low rate of interest on loans & transparent system

- Facility of remittance & Micro Insurance





How to join in the main stream













-Contact near by bank branch or Finacial Literacy Center & seek advice on the

various products / facilities.


-Open 'Basic Banking Account' with nearest Bank Branch or BC available in the area / villages. Account can be open with zero balance.


-Start saving as much amount as possible to save for your future needs.


-Develop habit of small savings and keep this amout in the bank account.


-Seek credit from Bank for small business activities to increase your earnings.


-Invest saved amount in small business activities to further increase your earnings.



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