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Corporate Approach on Financial Inclusion:


To bring the unreached, financially excluded and weaker section into our fold
To reach the unbanked villages through brick & mortar branches, USBs and / or BCA Model
To spread financial literacy through seminars / workshops, SHGs & Farmers Clubs
To ensure inclusive growth across all segments of society


PGB FI Services


PGB FI Progress

->Basic Banking Accounts opened:414274

-> Self Help Groups:

Saving Linked: 5359

Credit Linked: 3509


-> GCCs issued : 21468

-> KCCS issued: 107511

-> SCCs issued : 27323




PGB BC Services

  • Arrengement made for taking CSC Services established under CSC e-governance Scheme, as BCs. Services of 'Genpact (India) is taken as Corporate BC.
  • Mapped 1434 SA villages into 244 SSAs. 83 BCAs have been deployed to cover 406 villages.
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PGB FI Awards

PGB has been awared FI Merit Certificates 2014 & 2013 and SKOCH FI AWRD 2012 and SKOCH FI AWARD 2011, for its commendable services in the fiels of Financial Inclusion.


PGB awarded FI Award for 2012-13 & 2013-14 by NABARD RO Chandigarh


PGB awarded State Award - 2012 by NABARD as 'Best Performing RRB.




Need for Finacial Inclusion


PGB Initiatives for

Financial Inclusion


RBI Material on

Financial Literacy



PGB FIP - Plan, Road Map & Progress- (click on the Plan & Roadmap for viewing PGB FIP 2013-16 & Rd Map)


->Financial Inclusion Plan 2013 -16, prepared and disintegarted branchwise

->Arrangement made for takeing CSCs, established under CSC e-goverance (India) Scheme, as our BCs.

->Complteted process for mapping of villages / SAA in view of DCT Scheme, in all the districts of area of operation.

->Completed process of coverage of uncovered families by opening of accounts in all districts of area of operation

->Established 10 FLCs for spreading financial literacy

->Deputed officials for fortnightly visits to all allocated villages.

->Progress Report on FIP for the period ending July 2015 - Click here